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Pool Articles

Outdoor Pool Maintenance
Commonly referred to as "pool sanitation", pool maintenance has become a large industry in the United States due to the variety and complexity of uses. Proper pool sanitation leads to healthy swimming conditions, which can prevent infectious diseases, and allows...
Full story • March 04, 2019

Saltwater vs. Chlorine Pools
The debate around chlorination for pools has heated up in recent years due to the emerging popularity of saltwater pools. Chlorine has typically been the most popular method of maintenance due to ease of use, and availability of supplies. There...
Full story • February 28, 2019

Types of Outdoor Swimming Pools
Modern day pools became popular in the mid 1800s, but they have been fairly common going back to the Ancient Greeks and Romans, who built them for athletic and military trainings. Whether you're looking for an indoor or outdoor pool...
Full story • January 17, 2019

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